St Eugene de Mazenod

Catholic Primary School

'Go shine in the world.'

Parent voice

Parent Questionnaire February 2024

What our parents tell us about their experience of our school

My child is moving on to Secondary School.  I look back on her time at St Eugene's as a very special time, where has that time gone?  I know that you have prepared her so well to move on but I am so sorry to be leaving the "family" of St Eugene's.  Thank-you for everything that you do.


Thank-you for the wonderful gift you gave my child of the education at St Eugene's.  We are so grateful for your kindness.  It really means a lot to us.  God bless you.


Thank-you for being there for my boys.  Your kindness and patience are amazing.


To Mrs Smith and all of the staff at St Eugene's.  Thank-you for your incredible support and kindness.  I know that my child is in good hands in an amazing school.


Thank-you for always being there and supporting and helping my family and my child.  May God bless you a thousand fold.


I was concerned about children returning to school after lockdown, but it has been managed in such a calm and friendly way.  My son is happy coming back to see his friends and teachers, thank-you. 


I have been speaking to friends whose children go to school in the local area.  I have other family members whose children are outside London.  None of them, including some in a private school are receiving the same timetabled "live" lessons as we are at St Eugene's.


Thank-you so much, our children are very lucky to go to this school.


Thank-you very much with helping us with a laptop for each child.  They were sharing one and it was so difficult to manage.


A brief note to let you know how well the Zoom learning is going.  The children feel engaged and focussed.  What an inspiring class! Miss even does some workouts with them and I feel like joining in!  Thank-you so much for the ongoing support and help.


I am amazed at how the teachers manage all of the children on Zoom.  They keep my child learning and at the same time help all of the other children in the class.  It is really good. The timetable is so good, it means I can get everyone up and having breakfast and they have a good routine.  It was so difficult to get my son up, but now he is even making his own breakfast and just joins the Zoom on his own.  I can hear the teacher helping him if he needs it.  Thank-you.