St Eugene de Mazenod

Catholic Primary School

'Go shine in the world.'

Pupil voice

Pupil Questionnaire March 2022

What our pupils tell us about their experience of school


I really like the way that even though we weren't in school, we still could see that there was an effort to keep things as much the same as possible in school for us: we could see the Advent wreath and the Christmas tree on the zoom assemblies and we talked about getting ready for Christmas and prayed like we always do in school.  It made me feel happy.


Our school values set a standard to live your life by.


Our school motto is important it belongs to us individually, to our school.  It is important because it belongs to me.


I get stuck on my work sometimes, but Miss always helps me and then I can do it.


I am happy in school when other people play with me, I have good friends in school.


I shine in the world by trying to be kind, I play with other people in the playground if I notice that they are left out.


I feel safe in school.  I love it when the teachers make me laugh.


I know that I am in a safe and secure place.


My friends always comfort me when I am upset


I like that in school we can talk to God about our worries when we pray and do reflection in assembly.


We can have time to talk to God and say thank you for all the lovely things he’s done for us.


I am happy because I come to this school and we learn lots of things and we have movie night


My best friends at school help me if I’m sad and look after me.​


When someone is being silly and I think about joining in. The teacher tells them to stop and I don't join in because it's not a good choice.


We should live as Jesus did and should help people and should forgive people who hurt us. 


Thank-you for having me in this wonderful school.  I really enjoyed being here and I will miss everyone.  Thank-you for believing in me!